How We Do It

Our Best In Class Solutions help you to make faster decisions to optimize sell-through and maximize ROI.

In-Store Merchandising

Visual Merchandising, Fixture and Point-of-Purchase Installation, Signage Updates, Product Repackaging, Label Restickering

Branding and Marketing

Retail Personnel training, product demos, staff and customer engagement

Inventory Management

Inventory Stock and Fill, Inventory Reconciliation, Inventory RTV, Brand Tag Placement, Product Audit

Intelligence Gathering

Market Research, Centralized Visibility, Competitive Analysis, Customer Feedback

The Six Steps

Our retail and Account Teams are dedicated to finding merchandising solutions for retail space. They are committed to delivering appropriate in-store solutions to meet your product requirements, based on budget and timing. We work with you through a 6-step process to understand your needs up front and ultimately share results and insights upon completion that will continue to drive your brand forward. We also offer training for your employees, supervisory services, restocking and inventory, and more. Franklin Solutions’ extensive network of Brand Reps visits thousands of big-box & special ty retail doors across the country annually. Our comprehensive merchandising coverage coupled with unparalleled industry knowledge allows you to strengthen your brand image and boost retail sales.
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Step 1: Discovery

We work to achieve a deep understanding of your retail needs. Information gathered during this process includes:

  • Pain-points and in-store needs
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Retailer Door List

Step 2: Proposal

Our team creates a proposal outlining our recommendations for service, based on your brand and retail strategy. Information regarding the full scope will be detailed.

Step 3: Creation

Once all parties have a clear understanding of the scope of work, you will be assigned an Account Management Team who will configure your project and directives. Together, you’ll craft your Store Visit Report, which will be used to capture key data points and photos from the sales floor.

Step 4: Launch

The project launch marks the beginning of the in-store visit. Our field team of Brand Reps will use our proprietary platform, MVP, to report on your brand directly from the sales floor.

Step 5: Updates

Store Visit Reports are reviewed throughout the service rotation to ensure your project is running according to plan. Actionable insights and callouts will be elevated to you. Updates to scope of work will be pushed instantly to the field team.

Step 6: Review

At the close of each service rotation, your Account Management team will take a deep dive into your brand at retail. You and your key stakeholders will be invited to attend an interactive web conference to review our results and findings. Opportunities and solutions will be carefully defined by your Account Management team to ensure we keep your business moving forward.